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The Gold Coast's Interior & Exterior High Rise Painters 

Our services

Whether you are looking for work to the exterior, interior or both, ANP painting contractors and painters can transform your building. There are few improvements that can increase the value and appearance of the property as inexpensively as repainting. However, there is far more to a quality job than simply applying paint to a surface. As with most projects, correct preparation combined with experience is the key.

At ANP painting contractors, we specialise in a number of services, including:

  • High rise painters                 
  • Interior and exterior repaints                      
  • Repainting for body corporates
  • Advice on restoration     
  • Concrete spalling (Concrete cancer)                                                        
  • External waterproofing and roof membranes.
  • Repairs and maintenance                            
  • High pressure water cleaning
  • Waterproofing

    In some instances abseiling may be required in order to reduce scaffold costs and provide access to some of the more difficult areas. For this work we employee qualified painters that have been trained in the skills of abseiling rather than abseilers with a limited knowledge of painting and remedial repairs.

    Across all of our projects we only use the best quality products and we have a long and respected relationship with both Dulux and Taubmans.

    If you would like to find out more about our painting services, or for an obligation free quote and advice, please get in touch with us now. Call (07) 5520 1256 .

    Concrete restoration

    Spalling concrete is largely due to a natural deterioration process called carbonation. Carbon dioxide in the air diffuses into the concrete and reacts with the alkalis in it. The concrete becomes carbonated and this allows the embedded steel bars to corrode. These corroded steel bars expand and exert a force on the surrounding concrete causing the concrete to bulge and crack.

    The early stages of spalling concrete will not affect the safety of the building. However, the spalling concrete should be repaired as soon as possible before the steel bars corrode further and damage larger areas hence the term 'concrete cancer'.

    ANP Repair spalling concrete by
    a) Removing the Spalled Concrete areas to expose the steel bars b) Ensure that all surfaces of the steel bars are exposed and can be treated
    c) Clean, de-scale and apply primer/sealer as a rust inhibitor to the exposed Steel Bars.

    Immediately sealing any cracks in the building as well as having the building painted regularly can reduce the occurrence of this problem. A good coating of the correct paint system will slow down the carbonation process and minimise the ingress of oxygen and moisture into the concrete. Without oxygen and moisture, the steel bars in the concrete will not corrode. For advice on appropriate maintenance and control of Concrete Spalling talk to ANP Painting

    Waterproof Membrane Applications 

    We have extensive experience in application of all types of waterproofing membranes .

    All waterproofing applications are carried out to Australian standards and are covered with an extensive product and workmanship guarantee.

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