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    Commercial Concrete Cancer Repairs on the Gold Coast

    For over two decades, ANP Painting Contractors has offered comprehensive concrete cancer (also known as concrete spalling) repairs to buildings all over the Gold Coast. When undertaking concrete repairs, we only use products that have been specifically designed for this application (such as Parchem, Mapei, Bostik and Sika), and we strictly adhere to their application methods.

    What is concrete cancer?

    When concrete is poured in an alkaline state, it helps protect the reinforcing steel from corrosion. However, over time, the alkalinity is reduced through carbonation/chloride ion ingress leaving the reinforcing steel vulnerable to corrosion. As the corrosion progresses, the expansion of the rusting steel causes the concrete to stain, crack, or break out.

    Causes of concrete cancer

    • Reinforcing bars are too close to the surface. As water seeps through the concrete, it picks up limestone and other chemicals. When it comes into contact with the steel, it causes oxidation.
    • Incompatible metals used in close proximity cause a chemical reaction that allows water into the slab.
    • Stress fractures from bearing weight, or general wear and tear, allow water to penetrate the concrete.
    • Poorly installed window and door lintels are exposed to the elements.

      Signs of concrete cancer

      • Flaking and cracking concrete
      • Rust stains that seem to leak out from within the concrete
      • Bubbling concrete render
      • Leaks that appear in the roof or internal walls

        Risks of concrete cancer

        In addition to being unsightly, concrete cancer also presents a potential OH&S hazard. With increased exposure to the elements, untreated pieces of concrete could break off and fall from your building, risking passers-by and other buildings nearby.

        Experienced concrete cancer repairs

        Our staff are fully trained in the identification of the underlying issues that cause visible and structural defects. Once we have identified these defects, we can provide a comprehensive scope of works, method of repair, and costing. Once the work has been agreed upon, we will start the repairs.

        Our process

        We remove all loose, spalling concrete and expose the rusted bar to a point at least 50mm beyond the limited of corroded steel. Our concrete experts then continue breaking out the concrete until the full circumference of steel is exposed.

        Using a grinder, needle gun or other hand tool, we machine the corroded steel to a bright finish, taking care not to damage or cut any structural reinforcing bars. The exposed bright metal is then treated with a cementitious rust cover, and patched with approved repair mortar. This ensures the repair mortar suits the structural capacity of the area being repaired.

        Please note that in cases of severe corrosion, a new section of bar may have to be inserted.

        If you require concrete repairs, get in touch with us immediately on 07 5520 1256 for a speedy resolution.
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